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Posted: 25th March 2024

Oliver! the musical school production

Last week, our school stage burst into life with the enchanting performance of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! The musical captivated the audience with its blend of beloved songs and captivating storytelling. Led by stellar performances from Alyssa Yeung as Oliver, Swasat Galami as Fagin, and Josh Baker as Bill Sikes, each actor brought authenticity and charm to their roles. Special recognition goes to 1st Form student Miller Payne for her dynamic portrayal of the Artful Dodger and Sarah-Jane for her spellbinding performance as Nancy. Memorable melodies like “Consider Yourself” and “Food, Glorious Food” resonated throughout, enriching the narrative and captivating the audience. The dedication of our ensemble, alongside the stunning set design, costumes, and choreography, transported us to the bustling streets of Victorian London. As it was the final performance for some of our Upper Sixth Form students, it carried an extra layer of emotion, bidding farewell to Grace Huckstep, Stephanie Odusanya, Arcelia Rai, and Ellie Uden, who have dedicated their time, energy, and talent to the Drama Department over the years. Overall, Oliver! was a resounding success, spotlighting the talent and commitment of our students and leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. We extend heartfelt thanks to the teachers whose hard work made this production possible.

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