Boy having sprained wrist treated

Medical Centre

Girls boarder Medical Centre bedroom

Medical Centre

Boy boarder Medical Centre bedroom

Medical Centre

The Medical Centre is an important part of the comprehensive approach to pastoral care for all pupils and staff at St Lawrence College, and our goal is to cultivate a welcoming, friendly, and safe environment to uphold the health and wellbeing of all pupils and staff. The Medical Centre caters to the day-to-day medical needs of our pupils, from administering medications to handling minor issues like cuts and sprains. Working closely with Matrons and parents, the Medical Centre staff assess unwell students and determine whether they need to go home or require further medical attention, such as a visit to the GP or hospital.

The Medical Centre is staffed by qualified nursing staff twenty-four hours a day during term time and on Sundays there is an on-call system between 10am and 7pm when the staff can be called on for advice or come in for an emergency. The Medical Centre team comprises five General Registered Nurses, led by Senior Medical Centre Nurse Gill Goodwin. The team includes Registered Nurses Jane Sullivan, Sandra Wilson, Susan Smallbone, and Ruth Town. Gill Goodwin brings additional expertise in pediatric care, while Susan has prior experience in Child Health. All staff members are certified in Mental Health First Aid and each possess over 20 years of nursing experience.

New boarders

New boarders undergo a health screening and medical assessment within their first few weeks, and regular height and weight checks are conducted.

Day to day medical needs

If a pupil is unwell, the Medical Centre staff are their initial point of contact. Students either come directly to the Medical Centre or the House staff will send them. Pupils aged under 16 will always be escorted over to the Medical Centre by a member of staff.

GP appointments

Our local GP surgery, staffed by a female doctor, now offers biweekly video link consultations. Any boarder can request to be seen through this service. For those needing a physical examination, face-to-face appointments can be arranged at St. Peters Surgery, where the GP will accommodate them at 8am before commencing regular appointments. Additionally, appointments can be scheduled at other times throughout the day.

Specialised clinics for asthma and vaccinations

The GP will ensure all Asthmatics are seen regularly by the Asthma Nurse and ensure all vaccinations are kept up to date as per the Childhood Immunisation Programme. The Medical Centre hosts the School Immunisation team who come into school to deliver the programme to the relevant students.

Advice on travel vaccinations

The Medical Centre can arrange for international travel vaccinations to be administered at the local travel clinic.

External appointments

The Medical Centre staff accompany students to external appointments, including emergency visits to A&E and minor injury clinics, as well as routine appointments like physiotherapy, dental, and orthodontic visits. Parents will be kept informed regarding their child’s health status and any necessary treatments.

Specialist counselling

A dedicated space is available for independent listeners who conduct counseling sessions throughout the school, catering to students from both the Junior and Senior Schools. Students can self-refer or be referred by parents or staff. Our safe environment provides support for pupils, particularly those experiencing anxiety, allowing them to spend time with us until they feel mentally prepared to return to school activities.

Staying overnight

Occasionally, a boarder may require an overnight stay in the Medical Centre. Our facility accommodates seven beds, with separate rooms available for three girls and three boys. Additionally, we have a single isolation room designated for cases of infectious illnesses.

Girls boarder Medical Centre bedroom

Boy boarder Medical Centre bedroom


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