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Nursery Fees

Junior School Nursery Termly Fees 
Number of days  1  2  3  4  5 
Full days per week
including lunch without KCC vouchers  
£616 £1232  £1848  £2464 £3080
Morning session per week,
including lunch (8.30am-12.30pm)
four hours including lunch – no vouchers available.  
N/A  £704 £1056  £1408 £1760
Full day with KCC voucher   £352 £704  £1056 £1408 £1760
Afternoon session per week,
three hours not including lunch without KCC vouchers  
N/A  £528 £792 £1056 £1320 
Late Stay 3.30pm to 5.00pm 1hour and 30 minutes – Free if attending all day or a charge of £10.50 per session  £12 per session  £12 per session  £12  per session  £12  per session  £12 per session 
Funded sessions
(afternoons 12.30pm – 3.30pm for term time only)
not including lunch 

Parents taking full advantage of KCC 15-hour funding will save £1320 per term.

Please note that the termly fee charged will vary depending on the number of calendar weeks in the term.

Registration Fee

£100. If you are accessing a free KCC funding place, your registration fee will be returned within six weeks.


£250. Amount payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place.
The deposit will be refunded, without interest, after the final payment of fees or other sums due to the school on leaving, or if you are accessing a free KCC-funded place only.


The parents undertake to pay the fees which apply and are due and owing from time to time. Fees are due and payable before the commencement of the relevant school term. If one or more items on the bill are under query, the balance of the bill must be paid.

A term’s notice to be given by parents means notice given before the first day of a term and expiring at the end of that term. A term’s notice must be given in writing if the parents wish to cancel a place which they have accepted, or if parents wish to withdraw a pupil who has entered the College.

Personal Accident Insurance is obligatory for all fee paying pupils.

Specific details of the above and many other issues are given in the Terms and Conditions which are sent out with the Acceptance Form once a child is registered.

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“The school is successful in providing opportunities for pupils of all abilities to gain academic success and develop their individual talents.”

ISI Inspection Report 2015

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