Sixth Form students walking in school grounds

A Level Plus Programme


This is a three-year A Level course which is uniquely designed to meet the needs of international students. Combining academic excellence with comprehensive pastoral care, this course sets the gold standard for preparing students for top universities and successful careers. Students will be provided with the opportunity to study a range of subjects and develop the necessary skills to be successful at A Level.

This is an A Level programme for students who seek additional flexibility to achieve A level qualifications. Ideal for international students who may need additional studies to bridge academic systems and develop language skills.

If pupils progress well in their first year, they can accelerate the course length and transfer to the 2-year A Level course. The course provides students with a solid foundation in both academic and English language study to enable them to progress to study within the School on full A Level courses. From there they will be prepared to apply to universities in the UK and abroad.

The programme is designed to cover a full academic year of three terms however, there may be the possibility of a two term option with a January start for outstanding students. All students live in Boarding Houses along with existing pupils and are fully part of the school community.

Subjects studied will depend on the unique profile of each pupil. There will be a focus on the development of High Performance Learning skills.

The A Level Plus course will lead to 3 A Level qualifications, as well as the opportunity to sit for GCSE Maths and IGCSE English or IELTS.


To join this course, pupils must have completed High School with a good level of attainment. We will require a previous school report and a successful Head of College interview.

We will also ask you to complete our English language and Mathematics assessment to help us understand your abilities.

Specialised EAL Support and Key Subject Focus

Recognising the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our international students, we provide specialised English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. This ensures that language barriers do not hinder academic success. Our curriculum focuses on key subjects essential for academic and professional development, taught by experienced educators committed to fostering understanding and mastery.

Comprehensive Academic and Pastoral Support

Our A Level Plus course is not just about rigorous academics; it is about nurturing the whole student. We offer close academic and pastoral support tailored to individual needs. Each student is assigned a dedicated tutor, who meets with them twice a week—on Fridays and Mondays—to monitor progress and address any concerns. This consistent interaction ensures students receive the guidance they need to thrive.

A Team Around Every Child

Our holistic approach features a “Team Around the Child” strategy, where House parents, tutors and teachers collaborate closely. This team knows every student personally, ensuring a joined-up approach to their development. With academic tracking and seven points of academic progress reporting throughout the year, we can promptly identify and provide any additional support students may need.

State-of-the-Art Learning Environment

Incorporating the latest technology, our teaching utilises OneNote and Microsoft Teams to create a secure and efficient workflow. This digital integration means that all students’ notes are accessible to teachers, allowing for meticulous tracking of each student’s work and progress. Supervised study sessions when not in lessons further support a disciplined and focused study environment.

Immersive International Community

Our Sixth Form boasts a diverse and vibrant international community, with the vast majority of students being native English speakers. This immersion provides an invaluable opportunity for rapid language acquisition and development, helping international students feel at home while enhancing their English proficiency.

Robust Assessment and Continuous Feedback

Students’ progress is continually monitored through multiple progress reviews and formal assessments twice a year, complemented by ongoing informal class assessments. This robust assessment framework ensures that we can adapt and respond to each student’s needs effectively.

Exceptional UCAS and Careers Support

Our UCAS and careers support are second to none. We guide students through every step of the university application process, ensuring they are well-prepared to apply to top institutions. Our Head of Careers and Academic leads work closely with students to explore future career paths, offering personalised advice and support.

Enrichment Opportunities and Balanced Learning

Beyond academics, we believe in offering a rich, balanced working week. Our curriculum includes super-curricular enrichment opportunities that broaden students’ horizons and develop essential world-class skills. These activities are designed to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and leadership—key skills for success in any field.

High Performance and World-Class Learning

At the heart of our A Level Plus course is a commitment to high performance and world-class learning. We strive to develop not only academic excellence but also the skills and attributes that students need to excel in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Join us in embarking on this exciting educational journey. Our A Level Plus programme is more than just a course; it is a comprehensive, supportive, and enriching experience that prepares international students to achieve their highest potential.

For more information or to apply, contact our Admissions Office today. Let us help you unlock a world of opportunities.