GCSE Results

This was a record-breaking year, with 58% of all grades at 9-7 (the equivalent of A*-A), and 79% at grades 9-6. For a mixed ability school these aggregate results are very good indeed. The top five individual pupils managed 48 top grade 8/9s between them. The overall pass rate (4-9) was 100%.

Results were particularly strong in a number of core academic subjects, with grades 9-7 (A*-A equivalent) of 91% in Biology, 91% in Physics, and 83% in Chemistry. 59% of pupils achieved a grade 6 or above in English; given a number of pupils are second language English speakers, these are very impressive figures. There were also excellent results in other subjects, where 9-6 grades were at 64% in Maths, 95% in French, 85% in Geography, 86% in History, 83% in Art, 83% in Drama, 67% in Music, 77% in PE, 73% in Spanish and 89% in Religious Studies.

For more details of exam results, including results for the past three years, please contact the Academic Deputy Head, Mr Ben Pennells, at brp@slcuk.com

“By the time pupils leave the school, they are well rounded, articulate and confident, ready to go into the world prepared to make mature and responsible decisions for their future lives.”