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Fees, Scholarships & Bursaries

Fees, Charges & Admissions for The Academic Year 2022/2023


Day Pupils

Boarding Pupils

Years 12 & 13 £6,186 £12,984
Years 9 to 11 £5,979 £12,984
Years 7 & 8 £5,837 £10,707
Years 5 & 6
Years 3 & 4
Years 1 & 2
Not applicable
Reception £2,798 Not applicable

(Prices quoted per term, 3 terms per year)

For Nursery fees please click here 

It is the policy of the Governors to retain the fees and charges at a fixed level for a complete academic year, but they retain the right to revise them if circumstances so dictate.

Registration Fee

£100 non-refundable


Amounts payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place:
UK Resident: £500
Mainland European Residents (within EEC): £2,000 – Consisting of £500 deposit and £1,500 additional administrative deposit.

Rest of the World Residents: £5,000 – Consisting of £500 deposit and £4,500 additional administrative deposit.

The deposit will be refunded, without interest, after the final payment of fees or other sums due to the school on leaving.

Immigration Services Fee

International pupils (Non-British/Irish nationality) will need immigration permission (Visa) to study in the UK. St Lawrence College will make a mandatory referral to our immigration specialists at Newland Chase who will provide guidance for the Visa application. A fixed fee of £350 will be charged to you by the School for this service. This fee will be charged in arrears and included on your invoice for School Fees. Please note this fee is separate to the UKVI Visa application fee.

The following are included in the fees

Full course tuition, library, laboratory, departmental textbooks, (but not personal textbooks for use in the preparation for public examinations), basic stationery, most extra-curricular activities, all major sports, team travel and midday meals. In addition, Boarding Fees include breakfasts, evening meals and the washing of personal clothing and school uniform (not dry cleaning), and all bedding.

There are additional termly charges for Personal Accident Insurance of £3.55 per term, CCF subscription (£35 per term from Year 9 entry for 3 terms), examination fees where applicable, EAL and AEN tuition.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) charges of £495 per term apply from Year 10 to Upper Sixth Form.

Further details on the Fee Insurance Schemes are available on request.

Fees are due and payable before the commencement of the relevant school term.

Extras are charged in arrears and are enumerated in detail with the account.

Personal Accident Insurance is obligatory for all pupils.

Specific details of the above and many other issues are given in the parent contract which is sent out with the Acceptance Form at a later stage.

One full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal in the following instances:

  • if parents wish to cancel a place which they have accepted;
  • if parents wish to withdraw a pupil who has entered the College;
  • if following the GCSE or AS Level year the pupil will not return for the following year;
  • if the pupil wishes to discontinue extra tuition;
  • if the pupil wishes to transfer from boarding to day only attendance.

AEN Tuition




1 £220 £120
2 £440 £240
3 £885 £480
4 £1105 £600

Per Week

Per Term 2022/23

Per Term 2022/23


Individual Instrumental Music

£41 (per hour) (10 half-hour sessions per term). There may be an additional charge for certain specialist instruments. Notice of the withdrawal of a pupil from private lessons must be given to the Director of Music, in writing, by the last day of the previous term.

Individual Private Tuition

£60 (per hour) Notice of the withdrawal of a pupil from private lessons must be given to the Principal in writing, by the last day of the previous term.



St Lawrence College offers generous sibling allowances. For further details please contact our admissions team on 01843 572931.

Scholarships may be awarded for outstanding ability and are aimed at attracting talented pupils, whatever their family’s financial background. If you have a gifted child, a scholarship may provide the opportunity for an enriched educational experience that may not be available under normal circumstances.

St Lawrence College offers the chance for children to sit for a scholarship from the age of 8 upwards. In the Junior School Scholarships of 25% are awarded for academic excellence and bursaries which are means tested, are available in the Junior School. Please contact the school office for further details.

Senior School scholarships may be offered at 11+ and 13+ for academic, sporting, music, art and drama disciplines, worth up to 25% of fees.

Sixth Form academic scholarships, worth up to 25% of fees are awarded to pupils who show the greatest academic potential and perform well in the Sixth Form Scholarship Examination. Scholarships are also awarded into the Sixth Form for pupils with outstanding ability in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.

More details are included in our Scholarship Policy.

Any further funding required once a scholarship is awarded is means-tested in the form of a bursary.

Bursaries are means-tested and designed to offer financial assistance in exceptional circumstances to lower income households to either start at a school or remain at school if the family’s circumstances change. A bursary is an amount of money granted to make up the shortfall between what the family can afford and what the fees actually are. If you apply for a bursary you will need to provide the school with comprehensive details of your family’s financial position and be prepared for this to be reviewed at regular intervals.

“The school is successful in providing opportunities for pupils of all abilities to gain academic success and develop their individual talents.”

ISI Inspection Report 2015