Why choose St Lawrence College Nursery?

The award-winning Ramsgate Nursery in Kent is based at St Lawrence College and offers a modern, calm and focused classroom environment, perfectly balanced with plenty of fresh air, muddy knees, creativity and messy play.

We believe that creative play in nature is an important part of learning, helping children to explore and understand the world, making play a crucial part in a child’s development. Having access to vast green landscapes here at St Lawrence College and exciting forest terrain, nature is an integral part of our pupil’s everyday schooling.

Explore our wonderful world

Little Explorers Toddler Group


girl crushing berries
Hapa Zone - the art of Japenese Flower Pounding 
girl crushing berries

Hapa Zone - the art of Japenese Flower Pounding 

In recent weeks our pupils have been learning about Hapa Zome, the art of Japanese flower pounding. The education of different cultures and traditions is paramount here at St Lawrence College as we are lucky enough to have over 23 nationalities here. The children went foraging around the school grounds to collect wildflowers, leaves and berries. This was an enchanting walk which opened their minds to a variety of bright colours, alternative textures and sweet smells, which of course led to lots of inquisitive questions along the way. After collecting their natural treasures, they set up craft materials in our Forest School among the trees, to begin hammering them onto paper to create a unique piece of artwork.

People who help us

People who help us

The Nursery children have also been learning about careers and people who help us in the community. From vets to lifeguards and police officers, we discussed all the exciting jobs people do and explored what they might like to do when they grow up. After a special visit from some of our local police force, the children put on their police hats and jackets and were sent on a secret mission to track down a cheeky teddy bear in the Forest School following the suspicious bear prints into the woods. This was a great opportunity for the children to stimulate their minds and offered lots of opportunities to ask questions. In this short video, Alex takes on the role of our resident ice cream man located in the Forest School, as Monty pays him a visit to order his favourite ice cream flavour – chocolate! Watch it here.

Woodland Bakes and Petal Potions

Woodland Bakes and Petal Potions

Back in October, our little chefs put on their hats and headed out to the Forest School mud kitchen to begin cooking up a ‘magical’ storm. They were tasked with collecting natural items in the Forest to create a woodland bake. This was a great opportunity for the children to open up their imaginations to visualize that they were cooking some of the tasty treats they have at home and at school. It was amazing to see their level of creativity, using petals and natural glitter to improve the aesthetic of the dishes. Some of the delicious delights that were produced included, mud cakes, citrus soup and petal potions.

What is Forest School?

Our Nursery pupils enjoy our wonderful Forest School adventures curriculum. The enchanting school grounds provide the ideal location to go out and explore, have fun and learn.

The benefits to our pupils are that they:

  • demonstrate increased initiative, enthusiasm and curiosity
  • adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure
  • gain personal confidence and self-esteem
  • develop their self-awareness and social skills
  • develop and extend their key skills of communication, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking

“We design creative activities that encourage our children to explore the natural world around them. These are invitations to play that help children develop key skills, use their imagination and give their little minds time and space to reflect and adapt their play. The natural world can provide awe and wonder for children, and is a catalyst for creativity in our Nursery.” – Rebecca Brown, Head of the Nursery

Nursery Swimming Lessons

Our Nursery class have swimming lessons every week in our indoor heated pool. These regular lessons help build water confidence and our experienced team of qualified swimming coaches help the children develop their skills as they work towards national swimming awards.

The 20m pool maintains a comfortable 29°C temperature, allowing year-round swimming enjoyment.  The children receive expert guidance to ensure they feel comfortable and secure in the water. We prioritise safety, fun, and skill development, providing a nurturing environment for our little swimmers to thrive. Join us in instilling a love for swimming.

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