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Welcome to St Lawrence College

St Lawrence College has a rich history and a reputation for excellence. The genuine feeling of community is tangible and there is no doubt that the Christian values, boarding ethos, all-through nature of the school and focus on the individual contribute to a feeling of care and compassion that permeates every corner of the campus. It is my honour and privilege to be leading such an outstanding school.

Welcome From the Head of the College


“Since starting here, I have become better at speaking English, have developed more in Art and have achieved a good effort in Games – I am hoping to join the school badminton team.”
Edmond, Year 10 Boarder
"My school is wonderful and I would recommend it to others who feel like they need the opportunity to spread their wings a little more”
Year 6 Day Pupil
“From the very first day I discovered many new opportunities. For example, I played paintball with the teachers and swam in the house swimming competition. And, even after one year at St Lawrence, I can’t say I’ve tried everything that this school offers! “
Matvey, Upper Sixth
"You very easily and quickly get into a daily routine and make close friends. It´s been a lot of fun being at St Lawrence. Joining this school has been one of the best decisions of my life."
Oliver, Lower Sixth
“My children have continued through their school years with respect for others, understanding of different cultures, the ability to hold conversations with different peer groups and with adults.”
Mrs Jury, Senior and Junior Parent
"Sam lights up when he tells us what he has been up to at the School and the regular exeat weekends mean that as parents we never feel far away"
Mr and Mrs Callaghan, Boarding Parents
“All of the Staff in the Junior School are magnificent. The self-confidence and happiness my daughter has gained since starting at St Lawrence College has been wonderful to see.”
Mrs Radcliffe, Year 2 Parent
"When I look back on my time at school, it is clear that St Lawrence was always very grounded and realistic. St Lawrence produced the Head of the Army and the Head of the Police and that, in many ways, says something about the benefits of a St Lawrence education."
Paul Callum - Manor 1984
"For me, being at St Lawrence wasn’t just about receiving an academic education, although the aim was to leave with at least a couple of A-levels! We were also educated in essential life skills, either absorbed by the environment or learned in our extra-curricular activities. Basic manners were an expectation; holding the door for someone, being respectful to the teachers, obeying the rule to not walk on Chapel Green and in doing this you learned to be respectful and conscientious towards others."
Elizabeth Mooney - Laing 1992
"I loved the creative aspects of my time at SLC. I was involved in some of the performances and productions such as; the House talent shows, the SLC Ale festivals, various productions and musicals."
Ronnie Skelton - 2015
"When I look back over my life to date, I can see that St Lawrence College has always played a part in some way. When I started at the Junior School, my father and grandfather were already teaching there. My uncle and sister have been there too. The activities at the School had the biggest impact on me as I got to try so many different things. CCF had a particularly big influence on me. I loved adventurous activities, sport, being outdoors and problem solving."
Jamie Clifford - Newlands 1994

Highlights of St Lawrence College

The Senior School reception area is looking very festive after members of our prefect team decorated this year`s Christmas tree. Thank you to all the prefects for all their hard work this year.

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In a hairy twist to the month of November, St. Lawrence College students and staff have put down their razors and embraced their moustaches for a good cause. As part of the annual Movember campaign, everyone at the college have joined forces to raise awareness and funds for men`s health issues, particularly focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

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There is still time to bring your little ones for a fun filled morning of festive activities and crafting. Tour our our award-winning school and meet key members of our Early Years team.

Book your place now at or email

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One week to go before the biggest rugby game of the school calendar which sees St Lawrence College competing against Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School. Join us at Thanet Wanderers Rugby Club to see who will come out on top in this year`s Le Crunch!

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Just one day to go until the hugely anticipated House Drama 2023. Who will come away victorious and have the drama bragging rights for the next year?

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Congratulations to Farrah who has become a `SLC History Maker` by becoming the first girl to play Senior School Rugby in an Under 12 match this week. Keep your eyes peeled for many more things to come from Farah.

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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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We are proud to be awarded the Silver Racial Equality Award by FLAIR. This signifies our school’s noticeable progress in FLAIR’s Annual Racial Equity Questionnaire. Read more about FLAIR here

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At St Lawrence College we are proud to be `Kent`s Most Nurturing Co-Educational Independent School`. Kent has recently been named the sunniest county in England so where better to study?

Contact our Admissions team to book a personal tour -
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Here at St Lawrence College we have a large boarding community (around 40% of students are boarders) so students have plenty of opportunity to make friends and keep busy. With over 30% of boarders coming from Europe, Africa and Asia, the school offers a fantastic environment for international students to improve their English skills and settle into the UK education system with confidence.

Eleanor Matthews, Assistant Head (Pastoral) at St Lawrence College, says:

"Boarding is like a mini preparation for university, when you`ll be away from home and developing new friendships, but here you are able to develop the skills needed in a really lovely, supportive and safe environment."

"Rising university dropout rates highlight the importance of sixth form boarding, which can help students in making well-informed decisions about their university choices and where they will live for the next three years. The boarding experience helps students to determine where they will thrive and in which community they will flourish.

"In our boarding environment, students acquire essential skills that not only prepare them for university but give them the confidence and courage to move into the world of work too."

If you are interested in boarding with us at St Lawrence College please email to go through all your options.

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St Lawrence College has state of the art facilities including purpose-built Science, Art and DT center, an Olympic waterbased hockey pitch, multi-sports center and a 500 seater theater to name a few.

Email to book your place at our upcoming tours morning or book online

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At St Lawrence College we are a leading all-through non-selective school in Kent with a large overseas boarding community. As a school, we follow the High Performance Learning framework, which recognises that every student can be a high performer.

Head of College, Barney Durrant, explains how HPL has helped to improve A Level results in the school.

“We value a well-rounded education that seeks to develop individuals rather than producing identical outcomes, and prioritise holistic growth over exam-focused learning.”

“The school believes in the idea that everyone can achieve high performance through hard work and a growth mindset. It`s not about labelling students or limiting their potential based on initial abilities. Instead, the focus is on continuous improvement and deliberate practice to develop specific skills, and this approach is evident throughout the school and is not limited to any particular year group.”

If you are interested in learning more about our High Performance Learning framework please email to organise a private tour or learn more about St Lawrence College.

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St Lawrence College is nestled in the seaside town of Ramsgate, in Kent, and we wish you were here to join us.

Visit our award-winning school at our upcoming private tours morning on Wednesday 15th November. Tours are being snapped up fast. Follow the link for the last remaining spaces -

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Let’s reflect on the advantages for overseas students in moving to a UK boarding school. Expat hubs have excellent education options, so is there really a need to send children to St Lawrence College?

Barney Durrant, Head of College at St Lawrence College, says: “There is no substitute for the genuinely holistic education that you find in the UK, and the genuine emphasis here on being involved in sport, debating, art, music, and drama. There is a long tradition of the full boarding experience with a broad programme of activities in the evenings and weekends, extra-curriculars and Saturday school.”

While there is a perception that some UK schools can be elitist, Mr Durrant explains how St Lawrence College is providing a well-rounded education that prepares students for the real world.

“A UK boarding school can give children an understanding of their place in local society and the global community. This comes from the many charity and service opportunities we offer, as well as from living in a boarding house with a diverse student population (we`ve got 25 different nationalities here), which instils an understanding of tolerance and cultural difference.”

Interested in boarding at Kent`s most nurturing coeducational independent school? Email our Admissions Team on to start your St Lawrence College journey.

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