Junior School Aims and Impact

Our Purpose

“My inspiring educational journey goes far beyond the classroom”

Our purpose is to create a community of families and colleagues who are united in their belief that there is nothing more valuable than a childhood founded on an inspiring educational journey that goes far beyond the classroom.


Our Priority

Providing a school with exceptional staff where children are motivated, open to new experiences, collaborate, think creatively and care about one another. Everyone is included, diversity is valued, and our children are empowered to make a difference.


Our Principles

As a community –

We Achieve

We Create

We Explore


Our Impact

“Getting ready for my future”

Raising a generation of confident and open-minded children who are socially and academically equipped for an ever-changing future.

“Pupils display high levels of self-esteem and understand how to improve themselves.”

Junior School 'Excellent in all areas' ISI Report - 2023