Welcome to Sixth Form

Welcome to Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at St Lawrence College. It brings us immense pleasure to introduce you to our vibrant and dynamic community. Here, we are deeply committed to fostering an environment where students not only achieve academic excellence but also grow as well-rounded individuals, ready to make their mark in the world.

Our Sixth Form offers a rich tapestry of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. With our dedicated faculty and staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and a plethora of extracurricular activities, we ensure every student finds their passion and purpose.

We invite you to explore what our Sixth Form has to offer further and discover what makes St Lawrence College’s Sixth Form truly unique.

Mrs Elle Mathews – Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Kirsten Parker – Assistant Head (Academic)


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Sixth Form Curriculum

A Level Choices

Our Incredible Academic Achievements

Subject Choices

Subject Choices

All of our A Level courses are spread over the two years of the Sixth Form. Additional subjects such as the EPQ and LIBF certificate are usually completed by the summer term of the Lower Sixth year or October of the Upper Sixth Year. Our options range is regularly reviewed and enhanced with new subjects, provided that there is evidence of sustainable demand for a subject that will be regarded well by university admissions tutors.

The options currently available include:

Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Design Technology, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Physical Education, Psychology, Physics, Spanish. German is available for native speakers of the language.

Humanities and Social Sciences Languages Mathematics and Sciences Performance & Design Subjects Additional Courses

English Literature

Media Studies



Philosophy and Ethics





Mathematics (*)

Further Mathematics





Art and Design

Art & Design – Photography

Design and Technology

Physical Education


Certificate in Financial Studies



German (**)

Chinese (**)

English GCSE resit

Maths GCSE resit

Sixth Form Curriculum Information


Sixth Form Life

Enhancing Study Skills

As you transition to the Sixth Form, your educators will entrust you with a higher degree of responsibility for your own learning. Given your autonomy in selecting your subjects, active participation in lessons, diligent review of coursework, and timely completion of assignments should be regarded as the bare minimum.

A noteworthy shift from your GCSE years to the Sixth Form is the introduction of gaps in your timetable, where formal lessons are absent. At St. Lawrence, these intervals are designated as study periods, during which you are expected to utilise the library for relevant academic pursuits, enrichment activities, or research. At the outset of your Lower Sixth year, your tutor will dedicate time to cultivate independent study skills and expand your academic toolkit, ensuring that the time you invest yields maximum effectiveness. Many of these skills are transferable and will serve you well in your future university studies and beyond.

Social Engagement, Activities, Leadership, and Opportunities

Within the Sixth Form, a dedicated space within the College, complete with common rooms and a kitchen, is at your disposal. Throughout the school day, these common room areas offer opportunities to socialise with students from various houses during breaks and lunchtimes. Over the course of the academic year, a multitude of social events, including the highly anticipated Sixth Form Dinner in the Lent term, awaits your participation.

Aligned with our holistic approach to education and the core principles of High Performance Learning, we emphasise the development of qualities such as perseverance, empathy, resilience, and collaboration. Consequently, we anticipate your active involvement in the opportunities afforded to you as a member of the College community. One of the avenues for honing these skills is participation in our activities program, which occurs twice weekly and encompasses a wide spectrum of interests, from debating to baking.

You will find ample prospects for leadership roles, both at the house level and within the broader school community. These opportunities are made available through our prefect system, participation in the CCF, and support for events geared toward younger pupils, such as STEM day. We hold the expectation that each Sixth Form member will make a constructive contribution to the larger school community, recognising that such contributions not only benefit others but also enrich their own experiences.


The EPQ provided the opportunity for pupils to extend their abilities beyond the A Level syllabus, stand out and prepare for University or future career.

In completing an EPQ pupils learn about subjects that they do not cover in lessons and/or participate in topics that they might not otherwise study. It can also be useful to earn extra UCAS points.

This is an independent research task and involves either writing an extended essay of about 5,000 words or creating a product with an accompanying shorter essay of about 1,000 words. There is a free choice of topic, this must show that it is academically useful, either related to current course of study, or future career.

A Level Results

A Level Results 2023

At St Lawrence College we primarily follow traditional, academic A Levels as the best route into top universities. This year our top performers included Benjamin who achieved A*, A*, A*, Phoebe who achieved A*,A*, A and to Wendy who achieved A*, A, A, A. We have continued to build on our excellent track record in subjects such as Art where 75% of pupils achieved an A*.

Aggregate A Level results reflect the broad ability of intake. It is noteworthy that the A*- B % for the top quartile of pupils was 81%, which compares favourably with academically selective schools around the country. High ability pupils gain excellent results, but pupils of lower ability are also supported to gain the results they need for university.

More than 60% of pupils achieved A*-B grades in Art, French, Further Maths, German, Mandarin Chinese, Photography, Media and Sport (BTEC equivalent).

The A Level results in 2023, saw St Lawrence pupils gaining the grades to access a place at top universities including: KCL, Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Imperial College London, Leeds, Southampton, and Loughborough. With a diverse set of strengths and interests, our pupils will go on to read a range of subjects including Economics, Engineering (including Civil, Electrical and Chemical), Politics and International Relations, Computer Science, Psychology, History and Ancient History, and Physics with Theoretical Physics.

For more details of exam results, including results for the past three years, please contact the Academic Deputy Head, Mr Ben Pennells, at brp@slcuk.com.

Careers Advice

We have a range of tools that we use to help our Sixth Formers find the right courses and institutions for them, whether they are expecting A*A*A* or CCC.


This is a platform that every pupil in the Lower Sixth will sign up to in their first week. It allows pupils to start exploring which courses, careers and destinations are right for them and has everything from personality quizzes to guidance on personal statements and free enrichment courses.


For anyone applying to university in the UK, UCAS is the application platform that will be used. There are lots of resources available through the UCAS Hub and they also have some useful guides for parents.


Competitive Courses Group

For pupils aspiring to the most competitive courses and institutions, we have the CCG. This is an opportunity for like-minded pupils to get together regularly to build their skills and broaden their horizons, undertaking challenges, research and presentation tasks to help them succeed in interview processes and beyond.

Competitive Course Programme 

University Destinations

Where have our 2023 Leavers gone to study?

Nearly all of the Upper Sixth at St Lawrence continue to Higher Education at University, with significant numbers aspiring to places at top universities. Please click here to see our full list of leavers destinations for 2023.


Including gaining a place at University in the UK, some of our pupils went onto study in the USA, Dubai and Spain.

Meet Our Fantastic Sixth Form Students

A diverse group of ambitious, creative, and talented young minds, each student brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table. Their enthusiasm for learning, passion for their chosen subjects, and commitment to personal growth make them stand out. From scientific breakthroughs to artistic masterpieces, they are not just preparing for their futures, but also paving the way for innovations in various fields. St Lawrence College is proud to be a part of their journey, watching them flourish and achieve greatness.

The Sixth Form Takeover

Dive into “The Sixth Form Takeover”, where two of our Sixth Form students take the spotlight to share their experiences at St Lawrence College. Get a candid peek into life at St Lawrence College, from the bustling classrooms and study sessions to the spirited extracurriculars and fun dorm moments.

This video offers a genuine student perspective, highlighting the joys, challenges, and unforgettable moments of their Sixth Form journey. If you’re curious about the heartbeat of St Lawrence College, this is a must-watch. Join our students as they unveil a day in their life!

#SixthFormTakeOver with Nora and Romiya

Sixth Form students walking in school grounds

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