A Level Results 2021

At St Lawrence College we primarily follow traditional, academic A Levels as the best route into top universities, with the top two individual performers in 2021 gaining results of A*A*A*A* and A*A*A*,A.

Aggregate A Level results reflect the broad ability of intake, with excellent “value added” across the ability range; to allow comparison with academically selective schools, it is noteworthy that the A*- B % for the top third of pupils was 100%, which compares very favourably with academically selective schools around the country. High ability pupils gain excellent results, but pupils of lower ability are also supported to gain the results they need for university.

The A Level results in 2021 represented a record-breaking year and, once again, saw St Lawrence pupils gaining the grades to access a place at top universities – such as KCL, Bath, Warwick, Exeter and Loughborough – for a diverse range of courses, and as usual almost all leavers went on to university. One of our Old Lawrentian students will start at Oxford this year, but we are also proud of pupils who get places at less elite universities to take appropriate courses, and who may have performed very well in getting grades of CCC, for example.

“The school is successful in providing opportunities for pupils of all abilities to gain academic success and develop their individual talents.”

ISI Inspection Report 2015