previous alumni at a dinner together

St Lawrence College Network

What is the St Lawrence College Network?

The St Lawrence College Network has been created to provide you with the professional and social benefits of belonging to the School community throughout your lifetime.

Who Can Benefit?

Beneficiaries include:-

  • Current pupils
  • Former pupils (Old Lawrentians)
  • Current and former parents
  • Current and former staff
  • Current and former Governors and honorary members

The aim of the St Lawrence College Network is to:

  • Bring together members of the community from all around the world through shared professional interests
  • Establish professional leads and connections through an active online community
  • Promote enterprise and business opportunities to others e.g. by accessing discounted services from other members
  • Establish a source of specialist careers advice and support for all members of the community including current pupils and young OLs who are looking to get their first job, or a better job
  • Inspire current Lawrentians about the world of work through work experience and mentoring programmes
  • Foster a long-lasting and valuable relationship with the College, including opportunities for social engagement

What will be on offer?

  • Opportunities to engage with other members of the community 24 hours a day through LinkedIn
  • Careers focussed events to help individuals get their first job or a better job e.g. through networking, a guest speaker programme and lectures
  • Careers support activities e.g. programmes for mentoring and work experience
  • Opportunities to promote members’ businesses and services to other members including discounts
  • Social events for building mutually beneficial relationships with other members

How can I join?

  • Members of the School community should contact the School’s Alumni Relations office via and request permission to join
  • Your details will be verified on the School’s database and, once confirmed, you will be invited to join the Network via the official SLC LinkedIn group
  • When you have signed up, you will be able to receive notifications of forthcoming events, specific promotions and other opportunities to get involve