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Annual International Day

Posted: 28th March 2024

International fashion show

On Wednesday 27th March, the College celebrated its International Day – a day where Senior School students wore traditional clothing as they went about their College day rather then their usual school uniform and where the College came together in the afternoon for a captivating show in the Taylor Hall theatre space. At St Lawrence, we are fortunate to be the home from home for students from over 20 countries, as well as from the UK itself. This special event is eagerly anticipated by students and staff alike every year and serves as a testament to the remarkable diversity within the College community.

One of the highlights of International Day was the colourful display of traditional clothing from various countries. Students wore garments representing their various cultural backgrounds and walking through the campus felt like a journey around the world! In the afternoon, the students took center stage to share their respective cultures through visual presentations about their home countries and their culinary delights, dance and music performances, as well as a fashion show.

Nepali culture took center stage with a display of dance and music. The audience were treated to a graceful dance by Nepali girls, followed a rendition of the enchanting song “Ghintang Ghintang.” Students with family in the Nepali Army, known as Gurkhas, gave a powerful tribute through a traditional military dance, honouring their history of victories and sacrifice on the battlefield. Please do watch the video below.

Mithura captivated the audience with a rendition of “Ennui Yennai Vaitu,” a Tamil song from the movie “Today Love.” This was followed by Ehi, Joanna, and Anjola who depicted a tale of tribal rivalry in Nigeria through choreography and storytelling.

Maia’s performed “Ho Minh”, a Cantonese song that resonates deeply with her and her family, and offered a glimpse into the cultural heritage she holds dear. Juman sang a soulful rendition of the Jordanian Arab solo song “Aziz Maraka,” which is a modern ode to love and longing.

The grand finale was the fashion show, where students proudly showcased their cultural attire. From vibrant saris to intricate traditional garments, each ensemble was a testament to the beauty and significance of our students’ cultural heritage.

International Day served as a reminder of the importance of embracing and honouring the many cultures that enrich our lives. Through music, dance, food, and fashion, International Day  strengthened the College’s commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.