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High Performance Learning Skills

Posted: 28th September 2023

Teenage children teambuilding outside

Last week pupils in 1st to 3rd From (Years 7-9) took part in High Performance Learning (HPL) Skills Day that challenged their creativity and teamwork. The 1st Form headed outside to take part in a range of exciting activities, including fire making, shelter building, clothing crafting, and catapult construction, all designed to foster collaboration, develop resilience, perseverance and to ignite imaginations.

Those in the 2nd Form were challenged to design products for “A House of the Future”, thinking imaginatively about what the world might look like in 2123 and generating ideas to solve the problems that they envisaged.

3rd Form students were asked to generate ideas for a local food business, selling to young people in Ramsgate. They practised analysis and enquiry skills, to properly understand the market, before thinking about possible solutions.

The HPL Skills Day was planned to provide a unique opportunity for pupils to step outside their comfort zones and engage in hands-on, experiential learning. With a strong focus on practising key HPL skills, these events have provided a first foundation for pupils to develop as independent learners as the academic year progresses.


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