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Religions of the World Week

Posted: 10th November 2022

This week our Junior School children have been learning about the world’s main religions. As a Christian school, we started our week by hearing from two pupils from Year 8, Nathan and Jonathan, who talked to our younger children about how God gives them comfort and companionship throughout each day. They spoke of the importance of Christmas and Easter.

Parents and friends were then invited to come and talk to the whole school about their Faith and in this way, we have been enthralled by artefacts, stories and customs from Islam, Hinduism, Catholicism, Judaism and Sikhism.

Four of our Year 6 Ambassadors, Alan, Aiza, Saphi and Preeya led two assemblies talking to their friends about their own families’ faith. In this way, we have given each child a chance to shine and be the expert of their Faith.

When we asked the children what their favourite part of the week was, this is what they had to say:

“I like how you can find out about how different religions have things in common” – Saphie

“I have loved discovering things that I didn’t know before” – Preeya

“I really like learning facts about other religions different to mine” – Alan

“I think the best thing about World Religions Week is that it is a time where I can learn lots about other religions which helps me understand the beliefs of people at my school. I also really enjoyed researching more about my own religion” – Aiza

Mrs Rowe, Head of the Junior School, commented, “We believe that through sharing knowledge and understanding of one another’s religion and spirituality children can grow up with a positive and welcoming outlook to all people.”


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