Design Ventura Competition
Design Ventura Competition

All SLC Year 9 pupils have taken part in the Design Technology Design Ventura competition organised by the Design Museum in London. Pupils worked in small teams to design and develop a product for a specific user group, that improves everyday life, to be sold in the Design Museum Shop for around £10.

This year the competition within school was very stiff. Judges included teachers and 6th Form design pupils and they had a very difficult job. Notable product ideas include a wearable bottle opener, a filter for your camera phone, a phone charger lead protector, a leash to stop you from dropping your phone and a paper throwing toy. However, three designs really stood out:

In third place is the Desk Tidy - a cleaning set including a miniature mop and broom for cleaning your desk top (Grace Gallagher and Gabby McAlister).

In second place is Lavender Bears - an upcycled textile product which uses lavender to help small children get off to sleep (Daisy Mackman, Amber Le Baigue and Summer Leu-Wilson).

The winning entry is the one felt to be the most innovative and to best match the brand of the Design Museum Shop, and hopefully to take SLC to the next heat - the Spider Basket is an original, multifunctional storage device specifically aimed at younger adults, to store and display almost anything. It can be adapted by the user to meet a specific need and, when the need changes, the Spider Basket can be changed too, either to store something different or to be flat-packed away for a future time (Cassidy Dening, Polly Parker, Yasmin Wilson and Chloe Plumb).

Very well done to all Year 9 pupils for the effort they put into this project.

Kirsten Parker, Head of Design Technology

Design Ventura

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