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U16 Hockey 6-1 Win

Posted: 19th January 2024

In a standout performance, St Lawrence’s U16 Tier 2 team secured a spot in the Semi-Finals with a convincing 6-1 victory over Reigate Grammar School in the EH competition. Despite challenging weather conditions, the team showcased resilience and determination.


St Lawrence’s dominance began with a strong start in the competition, scoring 25 goals and conceding only 1 in their first three games. The Quarter Final against Reigate Grammar School proved to be a closely contested first half with both teams displaying skill and determination, however an excellent second half allowed us to take the victory.

Facing temperatures below 4 degrees, the St Lawrence girls overcame the weather challenges, taking an early lead in the game. Although Reigate Grammar School equalised with a counterattack, St Lawrence regained the lead before halftime with a clinical backhand shot.

The second half saw our girls step up our game, linking up effectively to score two quick goals. Their relentless efforts were rewarded with two additional goals, sealing a resounding 6-1 victory and securing their place in the National Semi-Final.

St Lawrence’s exceptional performance positions them as strong contenders for the tournament title. As they progress in the competition, spectators can anticipate more thrilling displays of skill, teamwork, and determination from this formidable team. As the Semi-Final is announced, we will publish the date and venue. All spectators are welcome to come and support our girls.