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Posted: 7th June 2024

Group of students on stage

On Thursday 6th June, a group of eight 2nd Form academic scholars and science and technology enthusiasts from St Lawrence visited Kent College for an exciting STEM day, part of the East Kent Schools Together programme. Led by Mrs Kirsten Parker, Assistant Head (Academic), the pupils attended the event centred around a presentation by Airdat, a leading technology company in the aviation sector.

The event, aimed at fostering innovative thinking, was highly engaging and the pupils were inspired by insights into Airdat’s technological advancements and their real-world applications.

Following the presentation, the pupils were divided into teams and posed with two possible challenges: to develop a creative solution to mitigate the environmental impact of aviation or to develop a security system for airport workforces.

The pupils dived into the challenge with enthusiasm. They brainstormed and collaborated, coming up with inventive ideas to address the pressing environmental and security issues faced by the aviation industry. Their proposals included the use of emerging technology including virtual reality, biometrics and AI, implementation of green energy solutions, and optimisation of airport logistics.

“The pupils had a wonderful day,” Mrs Parker remarked, “The challenges were high level and the resulting solutions and presentations were impressive. The children’s creativity and intellectual confidence were wonderful to see.”

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