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RNLI Water Safety Presentation

Posted: 30th April 2024

RNLI school visit

Last week, we welcomed the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) for a crucial water safety presentation at our Junior School Prep Assembly as well as a separate presentation to our Year 7 and Year 8 students in Kirby, which emphasised the key principles to ensure safe enjoyment of coastal areas. The visit followed ‘Making a Difference’ charity donations from the St Lawrence College families for the Lifeboat crews of treats and snacks for when they return from lifesaving call-out rescue missions. The presentation made us really think and focused on three simple things to remember to stay safe in the water.

Float to Live

Among the essential lessons imparted was the mantra “Float to Live,” emphasising a counterintuitive but potentially life-saving response to unexpected struggles in water. Rather than panicking and attempting to swim strenuously, the children should float calmly to conserve energy and prevent water inhalation. The technique involves tilting the head back with ears submerged, allowing for relaxed breathing and stability.

Only Swim on Lifeguarded Beaches between the red and yellow flags

Furthermore, children were reminded the importance of only swimming at lifeguarded beaches and to swim in the designated safe zones between the red and yellow flags. This simple yet critical guideline can prevent accidental drifts into hazardous areas and facilitate timely assistance from trained lifeguards.

Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

In the event of witnessing or experiencing a water-related emergency, the RNLI reiterated the vital role of prompt communication with emergency services. By dialing 999 or 112 and requesting the coastguard, children can swiftly summon professional assistance, potentially averting dire outcomes.

We really appreciate the RNLI’s efforts in imparting crucial water safety skills that could one day make all the difference and would like to thank them for a wonderful and engaging talk which really captivated the children.





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