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High Performance Learning Induction

Posted: 7th February 2024

Boys doing Design and Technology

Last week marked an exciting beginning for newcomers to St Lawrence College as they embarked on a unique High Performance Learning (HPL) induction morning. The event aimed to challenge their creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, providing an engaging introduction to the school’s commitment to fostering essential skills for the future.

Group of Students in class

During the induction morning, students were tasked with exploring the connection between HPL skills and attributes and their application in the world of work. The challenge prompted them to think critically about the future, specifically envisioning life in 2124. Pupils contemplated the potential developments in homes, lifestyles, and the types of products that might become indispensable.

The highlight of the event was a competition where students were grouped and challenged to collaboratively generate ideas for products tailored to the needs of the future. The winning group demonstrated exceptional teamwork and precision, addressing the brief with innovative thinking. Their winning concept? A home teleportation device designed to provide cheap and easy travel for users with disabilities.

Teacher doing DT work

The exercise not only encouraged students to think outside the box but also emphasised the practical application of HPL skills in solving real-world challenges. The focus on generating ideas for products in the distant future allowed students to flex their creative muscles and envision a world that may seem light years away.

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