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Home from Home

Posted: 1st September 2023

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At St Lawrence College, we understand the unique challenges that boarders face when adapting to a new educational setting. That’s why we offer comprehensive pastoral support designed specifically to meet their needs.

At St Lawrence College, we are committed to empowering our boarding pupils, equipping them with the tools they need for academic success and a bright future. Studying away from home an be an exciting and life-changing experience for pupils. However, it is not uncommon for students to experience some homesickness, especially when pupils are far away from their families and familiar surroundings. Our valuable guidance and practical advice is aimed to help students overcome this and fully embrace their time at boarding school in the UK.

School girls smiling on cream sofa with ApplemacMaintain regular communication with family and friends

One of the best ways to combat homesickness is by staying connected with your loved ones back home. Thanks to technology, it is now easier than ever to keep in touch. Schedule regular video calls, send messages, share updates, and share your experiences of St Lawrence College with your family and friends.

Create a routine and engage in activities

Establishing a routine can help you feel more grounded and give you a sense of familiarity. Set aside time for activities that you enjoy, such as exercising, reading, listening to music, or pursuing your hobbies. Engaging in activities will not only keep you occupied, but will also help you make new friends who share your interests.

Our pupils have access to a wide range of other extra-curricular opportunities such as table tennis, chess, knitting, cookery, climbing, horse riding, music, Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Duke of Edinburgh award, running club, squash and volleyball to name but a few. These diverse choices ensure that pupils have the chance to explore and engage in an array of interests and pursuits outside of regular curriculum hours.

Explore your surroundings

While it’s completely normal to miss home, it’s important to embrace your new environment and make the most of your time somewhere new. Take the opportunity to explore the local area, visit tourist attractions, try new foods, and immerse yourself in the culture of new surroundings. By actively engaging with your environment, you will develop a sense of belonging and create new memories that can make you feel more at home.

St Lawrence College has so much to offer beyond its 80 acre campus. Situated in the district of Thanet in East Kent, Ramsgate is a charming seaside town with a rich history. It’s renowned waterfront encompasses not only a picturesque Royal Harbour, but also a wide sandy beach, and a delightful assortment of shops nestled within arches along the Marina. Along with some captivating hilltop vistas and walking paths, Ramsgate also has a lively shopping area and has little cafes, varied restaurants and a ‘café culture’ at the Harbour-side to enjoy.

Seek support from teachers and friends

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Your teachers and fellow students are there to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers if you need guidance or someone to talk to. They are experienced professionals who have helped many students in similar situations. Additionally, your peers can be a great source of support. Share your feelings with them, and chances are they will understand and offer their support and friendship.

St Lawrence College understands that students may face various challenges during their boarding experience. To address this, the independent listening team, a part of the school’s medical service, provides a safe space for students to discuss any anxieties or pressures they may be experiencing. With a comprehensive support system in place, St Lawrence College goes the extra mile to ensure that every student receives the necessary care and attention.

Two school girls chatting on sofaTake care of your physical and mental well-being

Make sure to prioritise self-care. Get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and engage in regular physical activity. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and boost your mood. Consider joining sports teams and activity clubs to stay active and meet new people.

Whether it’s enjoying a game of tennis on our courts during the summer term, swimming in our indoor pool, or challenging yourself on our indoor climbing wall, every student has the opportunity to push their limits and achieve success through sporting activities.

Homesickness is a natural part of the boarding experience, but it certainly doesn’t have to define your time at a boarding school. By maintaining regular communication with your family, engaging in activities, seeking support from teachers and friends, and taking care of your physical and mental well-being, you can overcome it and make the most of your study experience.

Remember, you are on a journey of personal growth and the challenges you face will ultimately shape you into a stronger and more resilient individual. At St Lawrence College our mission is to create lasting memories and ensure that every moment of our pupils’ time at our school is cherished. We strive to fill our students’ childhoods with precious and unforgettable experiences and to nurture every individual to reach their full potential.

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