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Combined Cadet Force Camp

Posted: 28th June 2022

On the 18th of June, 46 pupils from the St Lawrence College Combined Cadet Force (CCF) deployed to Swynnerton Camp in Staffordshire.
With barely any time in camp, the pupils went out on exercise to the excellent training area. The cadets then built their Bashas and carried out patrols to find the enemy. This was followed by an ambush with flares and parachute illuminations to help them complete their mission. An extremely exciting activity for the pupils.
The next few days included an orienteering package involving teams of pupils navigating around the training area. The tactical paintball day was superb, the pupils were all put to the challenge, and tasked with using their leadership skills. The day culminated in a nighttime hostage rescue in a complex maze of rooms using night vision goggles.
The last day of camp was an excellent day on the firing ranges, where all the cadets passed their annual shooting assessment.
Mr Hill, who runs the CCF at St Lawrence College, commented, “It was another really successful Cadet Summer Camp closing out another great year of the CCF.”
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