£1.2m investment in Junior School

Posted: 21st May 2024

In September 2023, St Lawrence College Junior School proudly unveiled the completion of Phase 1 of its ambitious £1.2 million investment project, marking a significant milestone to enhance educational facilities and provide an engaging learning environment for the Junior School children. This first phase introduced five state-of-the-art classrooms and a groundbreaking Learning Resource Centre, named the Attenborough Attic.

Boy dressed as a lion cutting ribbonRepurposed from the former Junior School dormitories, the Attenborough Attic is a dynamic space providing a modern and versatile environment for learning. The centrepiece of the refurbishment, the Attenborough Attic, is complemented by a new stairwell that enhances accessibility throughout the building, connecting the basement to the second floor.

In line with the College’s commitment to inclusivity, the renovation includes a disabled access ramp and lift, ensuring the Junior School Main Building is fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). This significant addition guarantees that all children, staff, and visitors can navigate the building comfortably and safely.

Following the successful completion of Phase 1, construction has commenced on Phase 2 of the project this year. This next phase focuses on the conversion of the existing Hamblen Block, which will become the new home for the Nursery and Pre-Prep from September 2024. The redevelopment will introduce a new reception area, designed to provide a welcoming entrance to the newly revamped Nursery and Pre-Prep. Additionally, Phase 2 aims to create a seamless integration of indoor classrooms and covered outdoor teaching spaces, enhancing the versatility and functionality of the Nursery and Pre-Prep learning environment.

A standout feature of this phase is the redevelopment of secure external play areas, which will be linked to the new classrooms and outdoor teaching spaces. These areas are designed to offer a safe and stimulating environment for young children to explore and learn, further enriching their early educational experience.

Mrs Ellen Rowe, Headteacher of St Lawrence College Junior School, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, commenting, “The completion of Phase 1 and the ongoing work on Phase 2 demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible facilities for our children at St Lawrence. The new classrooms and the Attenborough Attic are already making a significant impact, and we look forward to the continued transformation of our Junior School with the completion of the Hamblen Block redevelopment.

If you are a family considering our Junior School for your child’s education, please do book to attend one of our open mornings or book a personal tour to experience firsthand the outstanding facilities and nurturing learning environment St Lawrence College Junior School has to offer.”


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