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Kent Teacher of the Year Awards

Posted: 20th May 2024

St Lawrence College is proud to announce that Mr Michael Thompson has been honoured with two prestigious awards at the 2024 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards, held on Friday 17th May at the Ashford International Hotel. Out of 1,800 nominations and 54 regional winners, Mr Thompson distinguished himself as a shining example of dedication and excellence in education.

Mr Thompson, renowned for his innovative teaching methods and profound commitment to his students, received the Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by the Thanet District Maths Teacher of the Year Award. These accolades recognise his extraordinary contributions to education over a career spanning more than five decades.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, presented before the main awards ceremony, highlighted Mr Thompson’s extensive service to education. The award committee praised his adaptability to numerous syllabus changes, his creative approach to teaching mathematics, and his unwavering enthusiasm for the subject. The committee noted his unique use of artistic mathematical posters and coloured fountain pens, which transform complex formulae into works of art, inspiring his students to appreciate and emulate his methods.

Mr Thompson expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, “It’s been an interesting ride for sure and I have really enjoyed it. I came back into teaching at St Lawrence College in order to stand in for my colleague Mike Stephens. I still wear his tie and will never forget him. Thank you all.”

Head of College, Mr Barney Durrant, lauded Mr Thompson’s achievements, stating, “Michael Thompson is a worthy double winner at the 2024 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards, reflecting a lifetime of dedication to teaching, the countless lives he has touched, and the inspiration he continues to provide to both students and fellow educators at St Lawrence College.”

Michael Thompson’s illustrious career began with a degree in Philosophy, specialising in Mathematics and Logic, from London University, followed by postgraduate research at Bristol University. He commenced his teaching journey at St Probus in Salisbury and later completed his PGCE at Goldsmiths. Notably, he taught at Bristol Cathedral School, where he believes he taught the now-famous street artist ‘Banksy’.

Although he technically retired in 2015, Mr Thompson’s passion for teaching brought him to St Lawrence College in 2018. He initially covered for the late Mike Stephens and has since become a beloved member of the school community, known for his Sunday classes, and his deep care for his students’ academic and moral development.

Michael Thompson’s dual recognition at the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards underscores his remarkable impact on education and his enduring legacy at St Lawrence College. The entire school community celebrates his achievements and looks forward to his continued contributions to inspiring future generations.

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