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Powell Cotton Museum Trip

Posted: 15th May 2024

Powell Cotton Museum School Trip

On Tuesday 14 May, our Pre-Prep children had a fantastic day out visiting The Powell Cotton Museum at Quex in Birchington. The Powell Cotton Museum, established in 1896 by Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton, houses an impressive collection of over 500 African and Asian animals, expertly mounted by taxidermist Rowland Ward. The museum also features galleries with African artefacts, porcelain, and significant archaeological finds from Thanet and East Kent.

The trip began with a coach ride from school, during which the children eagerly pointed out their houses and landmarks as they passed by. Upon arrival at the Powell Cotton Museum, the children delved into the fascinating world of animal habitats. One of the highlights of their visit was handling various objects, including an exciting opportunity to examine a lion’s skull up close. Particularly memorable also was also a lion and buffalo display! After exploring the museum’s extensive galleries, the children enjoyed their packed lunches and some free time playing in the beautiful grounds of Quex House.

Thank you to Mrs Charlotte Adams, Year 1 teacher, for organising the trip and to all the children for such wonderful behaviour and great enthusiasm.

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