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Year 6 Residential

Posted: 13th May 2024


From Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 6th to Friday 10th May, our Year 6 children embarked on a their residential trip to PGL Marchants Hill, located on the edge of the Devil’s Punchbowl in Surrey. This marks the third annual excursion that the Year 6 Junior School children have taken to Marchants Hill, and plans are already underway for next year’s trip.

The primary goal of the trip was to reinforce the skills and lessons learned during the School’s TLS (Team Learning and Skills) sessions through a variety of outward-bound activities. Mr Chris Brown, the Year 6 teacher who led the trip, emphasised the importance of this experience in fostering personal growth and team-building among the children. “The trip is a keystone moment in their education and childhood, where they bond and encourage one another,” he said.

A total of 27 children participated, supported by three full-time and two part-time staff members. The children engaged in a range of high-adrenaline activities, including zip lining, climbing, the Giant Swing, and abseiling. They also took part in physically demanding challenges such as hiking and a ‘challenge course’, formerly known as an assault course. Additionally, they honed their skills in fencing, shooting, and archery, and enjoyed team-building activities like quizzes, sports, problem-solving tasks, and a disco.

According to Mr Brown, the children all responded enthusiastically to the activities, with many overcoming personal fears and challenges. The Giant Swing emerged as a particular favourite, alongside the popular hike. “This year was the best group we’ve ever taken. Most of them conquered their fears and personal challenges, which was fantastic to witness,” he added.

The trip proved to be a profound experience for the children, significantly boosting their confidence and teamwork skills. “The children definitely got an enormous amount of benefit from the trip, learning about personal management, teamwork, and challenging themselves to step out of their comfort zones. Plus, they learned the importance of a good night’s sleep,” Mr Brown remarked.

The children returned home with memories made, making the PGL trip a highlight of their Year 6 journey.

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