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Year 4 Sleepover

Posted: 10th May 2024

Year 4 children and teachers in forest

On 9th May, our Year 4 children enjoyed an evening of activities and sleepover at St Lawrence College. The children enjoyed roasting marshmallows under the beautiful evening sunshine, creating delicious Forest School s’mores, engaging in crafting, and building dens. The night concluded with what many described as the “most fun ever” sleepover in the School’s fantastic boarding accommodation, called ‘The Grange’. As the weekend approaches, it’s expected that these adventurous children might be a bit more tired than usual, having fully embraced the joy and excitement of their special night.

Rebecca Turner, Year 4 teacher, shared her thoughts on the event, saying, “The Year 4 sleepover at The Grange was truly magical. The children showed incredible enthusiasm and teamwork, making it a night to remember. We couldn’t be prouder of how they embraced every activity and supported each other throughout the evening.”

Next week, it’s the turn of our Year 2 children who will be enjoying a sleepover in the Pre-Prep building!

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