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Shrek the Musical Trip

Posted: 3rd May 2024

Shrek the Musical Trip

On the evening of Thursday 2nd May,  44 of our enthusiastic 3rd and 4th Form Drama students along with Drama Scholars were taken on a trip to Canterbury for a spellbinding performance of “Shrek the Musical” at the Marlowe Theatre.

Under the guidance of Head of Drama, Amy Ross, the students eagerly anticipated the show. “Attending live theatre performances is an invaluable part of our students’ education,” said Ms Ross, “It allows them to experience the magic of storytelling in its purest form and provides inspiration for their own work in Drama.”

The students really enjoyed the vibrant show bringing the beloved characters of the Shrek universe to life on stage, from the infectious energy of the musical numbers to the enchanting performances of the fairy tale ensemble cast. However, it was the charismatic portrayals of “Donkey” and “Princess Fiona” that truly stole the spotlight, with their comedic prowess and heartfelt performances.

The theatre trip also provided valuable educational insights for the Drama students, allowing them to witness firsthand the magic of live theatre and the dedication required to bring a production to life.

The Drama Department looks forward to two more upcoming theatre trips for the 1st and 2nd Form students later in the Summer Term – watch this space!

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