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Old Lawrentian Colonel Verbi

Posted: 5th February 2024

Col Verbi

In the history of St Lawrence College, Old Lawrentian Colonel Verbi (1918-1920), a former full-time army officer who attended the college as a child, played a significant role during his tenure on the teaching staff at the Junior School. Serving as a respected educator, Colonel Verbi’s impact became more apparent with the discovery of his obituary in 1999, which shed light on his contributions beyond his military service.

Men cricket St Lawrence College

St Lawrence College Cricket XI 1919 with Joseph standing on the furthest right.

Now, through Old Lawrentian Rupert Tipples’ meticulous biographical essay, the layers of Colonel Verbi’s life have been uncovered. The essay offers a factual narrative that delves into Colonel Verbi’s influence within the school, and broader community. 

Rupert Tipples’ exhaustive investigation traces Colonel Verbi’s footsteps and highlights the wartime facets of his career that remained elusive for decades. The biography serves not only as a historical account but as a compelling tribute to a remarkable individual. It invites readers to explore the profound and multifaceted contributions of Colonel Verbi, whose legacy extends far beyond the boundaries of St Lawrence College.


For those intrigued by this enigmatic figure, the full version of Tipples’ biography of Colonel Verbi may be read here. 

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