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Triumph in School Sports

Posted: 18th January 2024

Triumph in School Sports: Securing a Spot in the Top 200

We’re thrilled to announce our school’s triumphant return to the School Sports Magazine Top 200 Sports Schools in the UK. A publication renowned as the pinnacle of school sports recognition.



Since 2016, we’ve been striving to regain our Top 200 status, intensifying efforts since January 2023. Our strategy focused on participating in nationally recognised competitions, accruing points for entries and excelling in each event.

Qualifying is a rigorous process, emphasising success across various sports. Placing at number 158 means we’re now part of the top 5% of the country’s sporting schools—a significant achievement for our dedicated athletes and our Games Department.

Our commitment to diverse sports and increased competition participation has provided valuable opportunities for students all age groups. From the traditional major sports such as cricket, hockey, rugby and netball to increasing participation in a variety of other sports such as cross country and badminton, it’s wonderful to see our students embracing the challenge. Future plans include expanding into additional sports such as water polo, golf, athletics, basketball, and swimming, all of which have already started at the school and we are looking to continue developing them through our new Strategic Development plan.

A heartfelt thank you to Mr Seth Simmons (Director of Sport) and his team who contribute to our sports programs with such passion. Your dedication has paved the way for this accomplishment. As we celebrate, we acknowledge the challenges ahead. Retaining our place is the next goal, and with the same passion and determination, we’ll continue to rise in the ranks of school sports excellence.



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