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Embarking on a boarding adventure

Posted: 22nd November 2023

Two boys chatting in boarding school bedroom

As parents and prospective students contemplate the extraordinary journey of enrolling in a British boarding school, St Lawrence College stands as a beacon of transformative education, some 75 minutes from London by high speed train links.

The decision to step into this unique environment is not just a choice of where to board in the UK geographically but at which school to put down your boarding roots and take the step into an immersive experience that shapes character, fosters independence, and builds enduring connections which endure far beyond school life.

In conversation with some of our remarkable students from both Upper and Lower Sixth Form, we gleaned insights into the heartbeat of our 170-strong boarding community. Each individual contributes to the vibrant tapestry of life within our boarding houses, where challenges are faced together, cultures converge, and lifelong friendships are forged.

Head boy in suit at St Lawrence CollegeMeet David, the Head Boy at St Lawrence College, who eloquently describes being a boarder as “a gift given.” He emphasises the daily camaraderie, shared challenges, and the wealth of learning experiences among peers from diverse nationalities and cultures. David sees his boarding house as a second home, a big family that prepares him for the wider world.

“As a boarder you gain an experience, which prepares you for the wider world.” – David


School boy Abdu, an Upper Sixth Form student, shares that due to his boarding experiences, he feels no stranger in any environment. Learning independence and the drive to achieve personal goals, Abdu believes that boarding is an experience everyone should have the pleasure to undergo, highlighting the profound impact of peer support.

“Boarding is an experience I feel everybody should have the pleasure to experience.” – Abdu


Sixth Form boyJoba, another Upper Sixth Form student, sees boarding as a second home, emphasizing the familial atmosphere within the diverse school community. For Joba, boarding has been instrumental in his personal development, shaping him into the person he is today.

“I really like the whole element of family here, especially with the different groups of people we have at the school.” – Joba



Sixth Form day studentReya, having been homeschooled previously, revels in the novelty of the boarding experience. The unique environment at St Lawrence College has offered Reya a new and delightful experience.

“It feels like a fun sleepover with your friends everyday.” –  Reya



Sixth Form boy studentYusef underscores the transformative nature of the boarding experience, stating that it makes one more independent and braver. Boarding, according to Yusef, fosters socialization as students share living spaces.

“Boarding makes you more social.” – Yusef



Sixth Form girl studentArcelia, a Prefect and Upper Sixth Form student at St Lawrence College, describes boarding as feeling like a second home. Whether attributed to pastoral care or the people, Arcelia highlights the joy of growing up in this environment and experiencing the numerous opportunities available as students progress through the school.

“Being a boarder here for many years, it has been a joy to grow up in this environment.” – Arcelia


Sixth Form boy studentAdding to this diverse narrative is Kunmi, a Lower Sixth Form student, who sees boarding as one of the best experiences one can go through. Kunmi perceives it as an opportunity to live with close peers, building lasting relationships that make the boarding experience invaluable.

“I wouldn’t trade it for any experience. I love boarding!” – Kunmi

As we delve into the narratives of these students, each story reflects the essence of life within our boarding houses, where friendships are forged, independence is nurtured, and a sense of family flourishes. These voices echo the spirit of boarding at St Lawrence College, offering valuable insights for those considering the remarkable journey of British boarding education.

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