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A Memorable Day

Posted: 10th October 2023

Dad & Daughter holding cup

In a heartwarming tale of curiosity and a quest, Andreas and his daughter Marie embarked on a remarkable journey from the picturesque town of Lengerich in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany to Ramsgate, following their discovery of an old silver cup, once awarded to an Old Lawrentian. 

The story begins with a chance discovery on an online bidding site of an old cup, adorned with St Lawrence College’s famous serpents and engraved:

What made this find truly special was that the silver cup was clearly local to Lengerich. Determined to research a piece of history, Andreas and Marie decided to set out on a journey to visit where the cherished relic came from. 

Marie, a bright and enthusiastic student at the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium in Lengerich, was keen to accompany her father on this journey. Little did she know that their trip would not only be about the cup but also about an enriching cultural exchange at St Lawrence College. 

Marie was set to spend her day attending lessons with a student named Tamilore in Year 8. The day started with Geography lesson, as she and Tamilore delved into the similarities and differences in their daily routines. Next up was a challenging Maths class, where Marie and Tamilore tackled complex problems together.  The highlight of Marie’s day was the Science class, her favourite subject, and she embraced every moment of it. 

Meanwhile, Andreas had the opportunity to visit the remarkable facilities and educational environment at the school. He was deeply impressed by the state-of-the-art resources and, most importantly, by the impeccable behaviour and dedication of the students in their lessons. 

The journey from Lengerich to Ramsgate was also no small feat. It took father and daughter 14.5 hours of travel, involving a bus ride to Dunkirk, a ferry crossing, another bus to Canterbury, and finally a train to Ramsgate. But for Andreas and Marie, the effort was undoubtedly worth it, as they experienced not only the joy of rediscovering a piece of history but also the warmth and hospitality of everyone at St Lawrence College.

Despite searching in the school archives, we have been unable to locate the original owner but would welcome any further information on its origins from our Old Lawrentian family. Andreas and Marie’s adventure serves as a testament to the power of curiosity, and the beautiful connections that can be forged through a shared love for learning and exploration.  

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