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High Performance Learning induction challenge for new students

Posted: 10th May 2023

This week we welcomed all of our new pupils to a High Performance Learning induction challenge. They had the opportunity to practice skills and attributes designed to support them as life-long learners. Their first challenge was to consider what makes an excellent St Lawrence College pupil, and ideas around respect, hard work, kindness and enthusiasm were discussed. They were also asked to consider the values and attributes associated with High Performance Learning and how these could not only help with studying, but how mastering them would be essential to a wide range of professions and careers. They considered creativity, empathy, enquiry, linking and meta-thinking to be most applicable to the task set which was to identify problems and generate ideas around life on earth in one hundred years’ time. Ideas generated included vehicles which run on c02, generation of power using magnets, water filtration systems and even a floating house. Students finished the morning by reflecting on their approaches and thinking about how the new skills and attributes might be applied. I was so impressed by their approach to the challenge, their determination and their joy in learning. They all proved to be great collaborators, demonstrating flexible and fluent thinking and increasing confidence. It was a very enjoyable event and I anticipate the students making excellent use of all that they learned and practiced. I would like to thank our three wonderful Lower Sixth form students for joining in to support the new arrivals. They were excellent role models and their contribution to the planning and running the event was key to it’s success.

– Mrs Parker

Assistant Head (Academic), Head of Design Technology

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