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Rising Star: Q&A with Luke Jury

Posted: 5th October 2022

Name: Luke Jury

Year Group: Year 7

Congratulations on completing the UK tour of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – how did this happen?

When I was in Year 4 I did pantomime with a friend who was also in Joseph. His mum knew my mum and she said to my mum that I should consider auditioning for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I attended an audition in London for Joseph and it was very nerve-wracking. I had to learn two songs and they taught me a dance. The audition was a lot harder than the actual show. It gives you goosebumps waiting to find out if you’re in or not. I was hoping and wishing that I got the part – and I did!

How long did you have to wait before you got the news?

When I told my teachers, they were very on edge. Every day they kept asking me ‘have you got the part?’. It took a couple of weeks to find out and it was a very exciting time.

Where were you when you found out you had been given the part?

I was at home drawing a picture and my dad asked me to come into the living room. At first, I thought I was in trouble. He gave me his phone and I could see my Nan, my mum and my two brothers sitting on the sofas. He asked me to read the letter out and it said I had got the part. My face just lit up and so did everybody else’s.

What part did you play in the show?

I started off as Joseph’s brother, Gad, who is really jealous of Joseph. But then they asked me to sing a solo in rehearsals from the song ‘Go Go Go Joseph’, which led to me being given an even better part called Zebulun and the Baker. I was still a brother but I was given a solo with this part so it was even better.

How did you get into drama?

I do LAMDA at school and Stagecoach outside of school. During my LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) lesson we learn poems, monologues and miming. We start with easy poems, and once we’re ready to move on we are given monologues, which has helped me with my auditions. At stagecoach, we do an hour of singing, an hour of dancing and an hour of drama. It’s really fun, I started when I was three and I’m still doing it today.

What was the tour like?

We did a week-on tour and then a week off. During the week off I was at school so I could still see my parents and my friends at school.

The tour was so great. The theatres have been really busy and the audience was great. It was far better than I thought it would be.

We started off in Manchester, then Birmingham, Plymouth, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds and Woking.

How did it feel to step out on stage?

It felt really nerve-wracking at first, but everybody is so nice and encouraging that it really gave me that boost of energy.

What was your favourite song?

All of the songs are really good but I really like ‘Go Go Go Joseph’ – it’s probably my favourite number.

Were there any famous people on tour with you?

Yes. Playing Joseph was Jac Yarrow, the narrator was Alexandra Burke and Jason Donovan played Pharaoh.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I feel very lucky at the moment, but I am definitely going to be doing more auditions and who knows I might even audition for a movie. I’d like to be in a live-action film, something that keeps you on edge.

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