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ISI Report 2022: All standards met in full and pupils’ personal development rated ‘Excellent’

Posted: 21st September 2022

We were inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in May and we have now received the finalised report. I am delighted to say that the School has received what we think is our best ever report, and as I am sure you will see from the report below, we are very proud of the results that we have gained.

ISI reports do not give a single overall grade but are broken down into three sections. The first section is the Regulatory Compliance, which covers issues such as: the quality of education provided; spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; welfare, health and safety of pupils etc. There are eight standards in total and they are assessed as pass/fail. I am delighted to say that we met all standards in full, and we also met all of the National Minimum Standards for Boarding.

On the quality of the pupils’ personal development we were rated Excellent.

In the Educational Quality section of the report, there are two assessments given. On the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements, we were judged to be Good with some excellent aspects. On the quality of the pupils’ personal development we were rated Excellent.

There were only two recommendations given in the report. The first is to develop greater opportunities for ICT, and the Inspectors were very pleased to hear that our 1:1 Microsoft Surface programme was beginning this year. The second recommendation was to contribute more to the wider community and this is something that we have been increasing post-Covid, and will be continuing to develop through our Community Service and Duke of Edinburgh programme.

These results are testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire staff body, the work ethic and commitment of our pupils and the support of our parents – I am very proud of the entire St Lawrence community.

Barney Durrant, Head of College

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