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A surprise from the Year 6 parents

Posted: 6th July 2022

On the last week of term, our Year 6 families were invited to a special leavers assembly. In the weeks preceding this, the pupils spent time creating and writing a special yearbook which comprised of all their memories from their time at St Lawrence College Junior School.

It was wonderful to hear their fondest memories, some of which dated back to when they joined the school in Nursery. The parents were then treated to a singing and drumming performance, followed by a ‘silly awards ceremony’. Mr Brown and Mrs Laslett led the ceremony and asked the children to nominate whom they thought the award was for. It was great to see how well the pupils knew their peers, with certificates awarded for things like, ‘the greatest dancer’, ‘the biggest ketchup lover’, ‘the most polite person’, ‘the most hairstyles in one day’ and ‘the cool as cucumber award’.

The assembly ended with a fun procession out onto The Owen field, where to parents followed the children. At this point, the children were anticipating their end-of-year photo, but it was not quite what it seemed. The Year 6 parents had all brought with them a water pistol and hidden them on the field. Once the children were in position for their photo, the parents jumped out and soaked the surprised children. Everyone was smiling and laughing; a great day finished off with ice cream from the ice cream van that made the visit to the school for the afternoon.

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