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Educational visit from the RNLI

Posted: 12th June 2022

Our years 2 and 4 children were treated to a special visit from the RNLI this term.

The children learned about the 4 main principles of beach safety as taught by the RNLI:

– CALL 999

Topics covered included navigating rip tides, what to do if stung by a jellyfish, the dangers of cliff jumping and identifying the meaning of different beach safety signs.

A highlight of the morning was the opportunity to dress in a full RNLI uniform. The uniform included waterproof trousers, heavy steel boots, a life jacket and a helmet. Children were surprised at how heavy the equipment was!

At the end of the workshop, there was a Q&A which allowed children to ask anything they wanted. There were some great questions about ice water and what do to if no lifeguards were present. Being so close to the beach here at St Lawrence College and having a swimming pool on-site means we take the water safety of pupils very seriously and we are always thankful for the RNLI and the fantastic work they do.

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