Culture Week | Sri Lanka

Posted: 20th May 2022

For ‘Culture Week’ at St Lawrence College Junior School this term, the pupils were transported to Sri Lanka, exploring the local customs and culture.

The pupils had the opportunity to sample Sri Lankan foods, try on their national dress and sing and dance to Sri Lankan songs.

We are very lucky to have some Sri Lankan families within the school, who kindly shared their cuisine, cultural dress and keepsakes with us – one family even brought in their beautiful wedding sari to show the children.

It was wonderful to see our Sri Lankan pupils so excited to share their culture with their friends.


Madame Shaw, who organised the week commented, “I had so much fun seeing the pupils sampling Sri Lankan food and dancing. I have been talking to parents and I think everyone agrees it has been absolutely amazing.”

One of the Year 5 pupils also commented, “I liked it because usually we just have our traditional English meals and listen to English songs but it has been a nice change this week”. Additionally, another pupil said, “It’s been really interesting learning about another place that is so close to where I am from”.

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