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Prayer Space Day

Posted: 19th May 2022

What is Prayer Space Day?

This year the themes for Prayer Space Day were being ‘together, thankful and hopeful’ which was displayed using music, art and engineering.

Who was involved in Prayer Space Day?

All the Junior School classes rotated around stations throughout the day, through sunshine and the rain, everyone celebrated this special day.

Being ‘together’ was demonstrated through our community art project with each child creating a unique symbol which we’ve glued together to make one whole work of art.

We have been ‘hopeful’ through our singing, which has included a beautiful version of Hallelujah.

We have taught the children to be ‘thankful’ by giving them the tools to engineer a gravity-based water carrier, representing the importance of moving clean water from a hillside to a village.

Each element has a Christian theme but applies equally well as a time of reflection for children of any faith or none. Mrs Rowe, Head of Junior School, commented. Well done to all the children for taking part in our activities today. A special thank you to our School Chaplain and our volunteers who made this day possible.”

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