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Day 3 of Ramsgate Week: The Temperature is Rising

Posted: 19th July 2022

Boat Race

Ramsgate Week is now in full flow. We are two races into the regatta with another one taking place today. There is a lovely atmosphere all across the seafront. The feather flags are up around the Royal Harbour bearing our name and crest, along with the other sponsors of the week. 1000s of visitors to Ramsgate have already enjoyed some brilliant, competitive racing and enjoyed the restaurants and bars that surround the harbour.

The opening race ‘Round the Goodwins’ on Day 1 provided a sunny start to the week. St Lawrence College’s sponsored yacht, the Kabluzo, unfortunately had to retire due to light winds.

Day 2 of racing on Monday, 18th July meant that in addition to the wind and the tides, the crews also had to wrestle with the extreme heat and unfortunately, due to a ripped kite, in a close race the Kabluzo finished in a respectable 5th place.

If yesterday was hard to deal with, then the conditions today for the IRC Regatta Series 2 race will be even hotter with temperatures expected to be upwards of 35 degrees in Ramsgate. Hydration, sunblock and shade are top priorities for everybody racing and spectating today. In fact, even early this morning some competitors were taking to the water to cool off.

We wish the Kabluzo and the crew the best of luck and hope they can improve their position in the overall standings with a strong performance today.

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