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Sixth Form Life

Study Skills

Your teachers will expect you to take a greater level of responsibility for your learning when in the Sixth Form. As you have chosen the subjects you are studying, you should be active and engaged in lessons and be proactive in reviewing work and completing prep as a bare minimum.

One of the biggest changes from GCSE to Sixth Form is that you will have gaps on your timetable where you do not have formal lessons. At St Lawrence, these gaps are used as study periods where you are expected to be in the library undertaking relevant academic or enrichment work or research. At the beginning of the Lower Sixth year, you will spend time with your tutor focusing on independent study skills and broadening your academic toolkit to ensure the time you invest is as effective as possible. Many of these skills are transferable to university study and beyond.

Social Life, Activities, Leadership and Opportunities

The Sixth Form have a dedicated area within the College that includes common rooms and a kitchen. During the school day, the common room spaces are available at breaks and lunch times for you to mix with students from other houses. Throughout the academic year there are a number of social events including the Sixth Form Dinner which is often a highlight of the Lent term.

Part of our holistic view of education, and a core aspect of High Performance Learning, is the development of attributes such as perseverance, empathy, resilience and collaboration. With this in mind, you will be expected to make the most of the opportunities given to you as a member of the College. One of the ways we expect you to develop your skills is through participation in the activities programme. This takes place twice a week and covers everything from debating to baking.

There are also lots of opportunities for leadership at both house and whole school level through the prefect system, CCF and support of events for younger pupils such as STEM day. We expect every member of the Sixth Form to make a positive contribution to the wider school community, knowing that this makes a significant difference not only to others, but for them too.

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It is natural for our confidence to take a dip when experiencing change, and moving into the Sixth Form, whether to a new school of not, can have a big impact on our sense of self and belief in our abilities and attributes. At St Lawrence College we are very conscious of the need to support anyone who experiences some anxiety and loss of confidence, and we not only address this in tutor time by offering proactive and pre-emptive strategies but also have a number of staff trained in Mental Health First Aid for greater guidance, intervention and support if needed.


“The school is successful in providing opportunities for pupils of all abilities to gain academic success and develop their individual talents.”

ISI Inspection Report 2015

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