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Junior Boarding Blog – May

Posted: 23rd May 2024

Children happy at Thorpe Park

Since our return from the Easter break, the Kirby Boarding House has celebrated birthdays for Rodrigo, Daniel S., and twins David and Daniel Y. We wish Alec and Heloise a happy birthday during the upcoming half-term break.

The start of the Summer Term has seen us spending some lovely weekends at the park, making pudding treats under the guidance of our catering team, and we even went to our local cinema where boarders chose to watch either IF or Planet of the Apes. The free time in the evenings has been a lot more enjoyable of late as it has been spent outdoors soaking up the great weather, which certainly adds something special to the conclusion of one’s day.

The exeat break saw a lovely day trip out to Thorpe Park where some boarders braved the rides seeking an adrenalin rush, whilst others took some time to go slow, making the most of the opportunity to relax.

May has been a significant month for both the school and us as a boarding house as we solidified our partnership with the Chaoyang Experimental Primary School group from China for two weeks, whereby all students were buddied up during the school day, and boarders hosted various activities each evening.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back for an exciting, action-packed month of June.

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