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Thorpe Park Trip

Posted: 13th May 2024

Children cheering at Thorpe Park

On Saturday 11th May, whilst around 40% of our boarders headed home or to Guardians for Exeat weekend, the remaining 100 boarders who stayed for the Optional Exeat Weekend enjoyed an exciting trip to Thorpe Park. Other visits so far in 2024 have included paintballing at Quex Park and a visit to the London Dungeons. Organised by Mr Mark Ravenwood, Head of Mathematics and Weekend Activities Coordinator, the trip to Thorpe Park, a theme park in Surrey with popular roller coasters and amusement park rides, certainly provided a thrilling and enjoyable experience for the students.

After breakfast, students and staff gathered early in the morning at St Lawrence, buzzing with anticipation, and boarded comfortable buses for the two-hour journey to Chertsey. Upon arrival at the theme park, we took a group photo before the students eagerly dispersed to explore. The students immediately dived into the the many adrenaline-pumping rides including “Stealth”, the UK’s fastest roller coaster which launches riders to 62 meters at 80 miles (or 129 kilometers) per hour in just 2.5 seconds, “The Swarm” rollercoaster, and “Saw – The Ride”, the world’s first horror themed roller coaster featuring a 30 meter “beyond-vertical” drop.  Along with the pupils, our teachers had nerves of steel with Mr Hayden Judd, Mr Mark Ravenwood and Mr Dan Cross all went on the latterly mentioned “Saw – The Ride” and survived the vertical drop and being upside down!

Lastly, some of our particularly intrepid thrill seekers plunged down the super-soaking drop on “Tidal Wave”, got drenched on the 25 meter spiraling descent on “Storm Surge” and played splash roulette on the Island’s ferocious “Rumba Rapids” – some of the UK’s wettest water rides.

Besides the rides, students enjoyed various shows and live performances, providing a break from the rides and offering different forms of entertainment, and enjoyed lunch at the various eateries on offer. The trip served as a break from College work, especially as students prepare for exams and transitions to Sixth Form or University.  The 2024 visit to Thorpe Park was a resounding success, and our great thanks goes to Mr Ravenwood for his fantastic organisation, as well as the accompanying staff.

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