Chaoyang Students standing in front of St Lawrence College

Chaoyang Experimental Primary School Visit

Posted: 25th May 2024

Chaoyang Students On Stage

St Lawrence College was delighted to welcome a group of 37 pupils and 8 teachers from our partner school, Chaoyang Experimental Primary School, in Beijing. This two-week visit provided an enriching experience for both the visiting students and our own Junior and Senior School communities, fostering a spirit of cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Chaoyang school teachers with gift bags on StageThe pupils from Beijing, ranging from Year 5 to Year 8, were fully immersed in our curriculum during the day. They attended classes alongside our students, gaining insight into the educational environment and practices at St Lawrence College. This academic integration allowed for a meaningful exchange of ideas and perspectives, enhancing the educational experience for all involved.

In the evenings, the visiting pupils participated in a variety of activities with our boarders, further strengthening the bonds between our students. These activities provided opportunities for the pupils to interact, share their cultures, and build lasting friendships. The sense of camaraderie and mutual respect was palpable, reflecting the true spirit of international cooperation and understanding.

Jo Ganderton-Smith, Director of External Relations, reported on the success of the visit, noting that the bond between St Lawrence College and Chaoyang Experimental Primary School continues to strengthen. She highlighted the excitement surrounding the news that eight pupils from Chaoyang will be joining St Lawrence in September, a testament to the growing relationship between our schools. This visit marks another milestone in our ongoing partnership with Chaoyang Experimental Primary School, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration and cultural exchange.

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