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News Day

Posted: 4th July 2024

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This week pupils in the 4th Form (Year 10) at St Lawrence College took part in “News Day”, working in teams to report, edit and present news from around the school. Instead of delivering lessons, their teachers set up news conferences and events for pupils to attend, some of which were serious and some of which were pure fun. The news teams were required to practise collaboration, enquiry, planning and creativity in order to complete a successful paper.

The panel of judges was made up of three teachers: Head of Media Studies, Miss Amy Ross, commented that all the papers demonstrated skill and understanding of the format. Business and Economics Teacher, Mr John Lane, was impressed how pupils had used colour and images along with headlines to grab the audience’s attention. Head of Geography, Mr Tim Jameson, was keen to commend the news teams for their collaboration skills along with their creativity.

Assistant Head Academic, Mrs Kirsten Parker, summarised the event by saying “The pupils worked so hard, and the outcomes were exemplary. We saw some excellent news teams at work today, I couldn’t have been more impressed! All of our teams worked hard and it was difficult to pick a winner but in the end one newspaper stood out. Ultimately the overall winning paper was the result of a collaborative, creative process. Excellent inquiry skills and attention to detail ensured its success. The winning team had taken on board all the advice given and were relentless in their pursuit of the news. Well done to Finley Copeland, Poppy Alban Stanley and Vladyslav Ianchenko, with contribution from Claudia Coles, for “The Daily Messenger”.

Year 10 Newspaper

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