Rocket taking off on Chapel Green

Year 7 STEAM Day

Posted: 2nd July 2024

Students with sun printing

On 2 July, our Year 7 pupils participated in an exciting and educational STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Day. Throughout the morning, all classes rotated through a series of four engaging activities. Sixth Form students were also on hand to assist the younger students with their experiments.

The first activity was a chromatography workshop where pupils explored the science of colour separation. Using a variety of ink pens, they separated pigments to create the unique hair effect of Troll dolls. In their next activity, pupils donned lab coats and gloves for a hands-on biology lesson, dissecting a sheep’s heart. They examined the heart’s anatomy, learning about its chambers, valves, and vital functions. In the engineering segment, pupils took on the challenge of building rockets. Using an assortment of materials, they designed and constructed rockets, which were then filled with water. Excitement filled the air as the young engineers launched their creations on Chapel Green, observing how far each rocket could travel.

The final activity transported the pupils into the world of historical photography with a cyanotype experiment, also known as sun printing. Using flowers and other objects, pupils created camera-less photographs by laying objects on paper coated with iron salts and exposing them to UV light from the sun. The process was completed by washing the paper with water to reveal stunning white and Prussian blue images. This technique, one of the oldest in photographic history, captivated the pupils. Fortunately, they managed to finish their cyanotype masterpieces just before the heavens opened!

Mrs Eleni Kouthouri, Head of Science, commented, “I’m thrilled to see our Year 7 pupils embrace STEAM Day with such enthusiasm and curiosity. Today’s activities have not only deepened their understanding of scientific principles but also sparked a sense of wonder and creativity. We believe that experiences like these are pivotal in shaping lifelong learners who are eager to explore the world around them.”

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