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Posted: 21st June 2024

Our Year 7 (1st Form) and Year 8 (2nd Form) have enjoyed two wonderful theatre trips in the past week and part of their English and Drama lessons.

Year 8 Trip to the Globe Theatre

On 19th June Year 8 pupils visited the Globe Theatre in London to watch “Much Ado About Nothing.” The trip aimed to provide a firsthand experience of Shakespearean drama, enhancing their understanding of the play studied in class. A real highlight was the comedic banter between Benedick and Beatrice, which captivated the pupils as well as the actors’ interaction with the audience, making pupils feel part of the play. The trip helped the pupils to gain a better grasp of Shakespearean language, themes, and dramatic techniques.

“I loved how the actors involved us in the performance. It was really fun and educational at the same time.”

Year 7 Trip to the Marlowe Theatre

On 20th June Year 7 pupils visited the Marlowe Theatre to see “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The trip aimed to introduce them to live musical theatre and professional productions. A highlight was the modern dance choreography during the “Superstar” number and the dynamic staging of the crucifixion scene left a strong emotional impact. Our pupils gained an understanding of the structure of musicals and the integration of song, dance, and acting.

“It was amazing to see how music and acting can tell such a powerful story.”

Ms Amy Ross, Head of Drama, remarked, “Both trips provided invaluable experiences, enriching our pupils’ appreciation of literature and the performing arts.”

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