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Queens’ College Cambridge Visit

Posted: 19th June 2024

Visiting students at Cambridge university

This week pupils in the Lower Sixth Competitive Courses Group visited Queens’ College Cambridge to take a tour of the historic site and facilities and find out more about university life.  They also had the opportunity to spend time with some undergraduate students who were able to add some detail and to bring the whole experience to life. Our group then took a tour of the City before spending some time in the iconic gallery Kettles Yard. Pupils had a wonderful day, taking in the sights and sounds of the amazing locations and asking some pertinent questions in both the college and the gallery.

“It was an amazing experience and I picked up a lot of information relating to the university, which will be really useful to me in making decisions about my future” Kunmi

“The gallery was a really aesthetic space but the artwork was unorthodox. I was intrigued!” Andrew

“The Cambridge trip demonstrated the rewards which can be reaped from hard work and truly inspired me to continue doing my best. The city was full of rich culture and history which was just a marvel to look at.” Yusrah

“An informative and enlightening experience which aided me in what direction I want for myself in the future. The perception I thought I had of Cambridge was broadened by the art which was explored, the real English architecture as well as the variety of people who we were introduced to. Definitely an experience to remember!!” Joanna

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s trip to Cambridge and learnt valuable lessons on the application process, student life and accommodation in Cambridge, the city was lovely and this tour really opened my eyes on how great of a school it is! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!” Nigy

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