Students at End Of Exams Celebration BBQ

End of Exams Celebration BBQ

Posted: 17th June 2024

Students at End Of Exams Celebration BBQ

On Friday 14th June, the air was filled with laughter and the tantalising aroma of grilled food as our Year 11 (5th Form) pupils at marked the end of their exams with a delightful End of Exams Celebration BBQ. The BBQ was a joyous occasion for both students and staff, offering a well-deserved respite after weeks of intense study and examinations.

The BBQ brought together pupils, teachers, and tutors on the heart of St Lawrence, on Chapel Green. For the Year 11 pupils, this day was particularly special, as it marked their final appearance in the traditional St Lawrence College school uniform before they transition to their Sixth Form years.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the cherished tradition of signing each other’s school shirts. With markers in hand, students eagerly wrote messages, transforming their uniforms into keepsakes.

Mr Ben Pennells, Deputy Head Academic, took a moment to commend the pupils for their hard work and perseverance. “Well done to all of the pupils for completing their exams,” Mr Pennells said. “We look forward to some strong academic results, but for now, we hope that they can all enjoy their summer break.”

Students at End Of Exams Celebration BBQ


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