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Meet our Head Girl

Posted: 7th May 2024

Sixth Form female student

I’m Prashangsa, Head Girl at St Lawrence College. Can you believe it’s been seven years already? It feels like just yesterday I stepped foot into this incredible community.

Growing up with my father in the Gurkha Regiment, going to a boarding school seemed like the perfect fit for both me and now my little sister. Year 7 at St Lawrence was a whirlwind of excitement as a full boarder at the Junior House, while my parents were stationed in Sandhurst. With three friends from primary school by my side though, the transition was easy.

St Lawrence’s unique blend of strong military ties and diverse community makes it truly special. From lively International Day celebrations to bonding over Nepalese cuisine, the connection among Armed Forces families is unbreakable.

For anyone considering joining St Lawrence, my advice is simple: dive in headfirst! Sure, starting anew can be daunting, but trust me, everyone’s in the same boat. Just be yourself, say hello, and embrace the experience.

Now, as Head Girl, I’m living out a childhood dream. Whether it’s on the badminton court or behind the scenes of House Drama, every moment has shaped me. The unwavering support from our dedicated staff and teachers, especially during tough times during family bereavements and when my family moved back to Nepal, has been a lifeline.

As I gear up for my A Levels in History, English Literature, and Biology, with aspirations of studying Law in the UK, I’m thankful for every opportunity St Lawrence has provided. It’s been a journey of growth, community, and boundless potential. I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

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